Inline Skate Maintenance Tips

1. The best and longest lasting bearings for your inline skates will be those that have dust/dirt shields that fit against a "shouldered" inner race. Bearings with this shouldered inner race keep out dirt and grime much longer than those where the shield only fits against a flat inner race. With a shouldered race, the dirt must turn two 90 degree corners to get into your bearings. Longevity is as much as 5 times longer with such bearings.

inline skate maintenance


How can you tell which is which by looking at the bearings? It's not always hard. Just hold the bearing up to a strong light, flat side facing the light. Look closely at the area where the shield contacts the inner race. If you can see light coming through there, put it back and select a different brand of bearings. If light can pass through it, so can dirt!

2. The best way to apply grease/lube to bearings is with a large syringe. Hobby stores often sell such a device called a "mono-jet". The thin tip can be used to get lube into all the cavities of your skate bearings.

3. The best all-around lube for skate bearings we have found is Super Lube! It does not congeal and lasts much longer than oil. We like to pack our bearings completely with Super Lube, leaving no voids anywhere in the bearing, and then we "skate" them in for a few miles during which time any excess will be forced out past the dust shields. Wipe off the excess and prepare for many months of daily skating with continued smooth and fast roll.

4. When selecting wheels, remember that smaller wheels accelerate faster and are more stable. But they also require more energy to go long distances. Larger wheels roll over objects easier and take less energy to go long distances. But they do not accelerate as fast. For hockey or stunt skating, smaller wheels are generally better. For racing or fitness skating where there is not much stop and go, larger wheels are generally better.

5. Anyone who rotates wheels, changes bearings or brake pads without a skatestand is wasting time that could be spent skating.

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