History of the Skatestand

I began in-line skating around 1991. As my skills progressed and my involvement grew, I found that I was skating on a daily basis and often as much as 20 to 30 miles per day. Needless to say, I was going through wheels and bearings at a tremendous rate!

inline skate maintenance


A buddy and I discussed how we could cut down on the time and fuss we were spending rotating and/or replacing our wheels, brakes, and bearings. One answer came in the form up an upright that would hold the skates for us while we performed these various chores.

That first maintainence stand was somewhat crude, but it did the job. As more and more of our skating friends saw it, and the time we were saving, they expressed an interest in owning one. So in early 1992, the SkateStand was born. I used 100% recycled materials in its construction, fitted it with a base that was not only strong, but impervious to grease and oils. Then I tossed in a bearing pusher and small tool well to hold the various small parts. Most importantly, I priced it so everyone could afford one! And hey - It'll last forever!

In the past 10 years many imatations of the SkateStand have appeared, but none have matched the durability, functionality or the price of the SkateStand. The SkateStand - the original and still the best!

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